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Dramatically Boost Capacity Utilization

Performance on the Field ≠ Performance in the Stands

Even when the team isn’t playing well, you can still maximize your stadium potential.

You Are Always In Control

You Call the Shots

udobu does the hard work for you, running data-driven reviews, and briefing you with its findings.

Management Keeps Saying No?

Support Your Experience With Science

Empowering you to demonstrate how your ideas align with club objectives.

Push Your Fans Up the Pyramid

For each of your fan product-lines, identify the most relevant leads, to sell more tickets, memberships, packs and eventually, season tickets. Move your fans down the product funnel.

Understand the preferences of each fan, as well as willingness to pay to focus on the fans with the highest potential.

Your Next Match Under Control

Unlock endless possibilities by knowing who will be in the stadium, and who will not show up. Proactively engage with fans in a timely manner to make sure they either attend the next match or release their tickets in advance so you have time to resell their tickets.

Generate your own, or use pre- defined behaviors to approach specific fans based on their expected behavior for your next match.


Stay On Top of Everything

Analyze your performance in real- time, in a quick and intuitive way, to extract insights that will up your game.

udobu’s data visualization revolves around the map of your venue, and all analysis can be done also on specific areas, according to your needs.

Price to Win

Base your pricing on science, with recommendations matching demand, for each area of your stadium, on a match-by-match basis.
Set any rule, and pricing will adjust accordingly.

Base your pricing decisions on real-time demand indicators from first class and external sources of data.

Any Report, In No Time

Filter games with a click of a button, and select the KPI to lead the report. Within a few seconds, all the data is at your fingertips.

View games and season side-by- side to see which ones outperform others.


In this guide you will find:

  • Common practices used by industry leaders to fill their stadium.
  • The pros and cons of each one.
  • What’s missing in order to make them much more effective.

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