Pro Tip: Which Area Should We Price Higher?

There is a gold standard with everything that has to do with price differentiation across the stadium.

Naturally, the closer to the midfield, the better, as you get to see evenly both sides of the field, as opposed to being seated at the wings, close to one end, but rather far from the other.

However, confusion starts when clubs try to decide on price difference at different levels of the stadium. Naturally, this is relevant mostly for fixed pricing scenarios, and not dynamic ones.

In this example, it is pretty common to find that seats around the yellow circle marked in the picture above, are the most expensive ones.

Clearly, if we follow the product related price fences guidelines, these seats supposedly provide the best viewing experience in the stadium. Fans are “used” to this viewing angle, which is similar to what they see on TV, and the relatively high position gives a good perspective of the entire pitch.

However, which should cost more? The blue or white sectors?

Some clubs would follow the logic stating that “the closer to the best seat, the more expensive tickets should be”, meaning that the blue area would cost more than the white one.

But most would use the same price for both parts of the lower level, trying to keep pricing as simple as possible. Naturally, this doesn’t allow for much revenue optimization.

Why don’t you take a few minutes to research your historic sales data, before going with one of the two options? You may be surprised with the findings.

Our experience shows that in certain cases, when presented with the same ticket price, fans would actually prefer the white area, closer to the pitch, which consistently sells faster and with higher occupancy.

This could be explained by the fact that fans who prefer the lower levels, actually have a strong preference to being as close as possible to the pitch, to seeing the players up close, hearing what they say, and experiencing the game in a completely different way to watching it at home on their TV screen, and the bottom line is that they would be willing to pay more for such an experience.

Here, at udobu, we provide clubs with the right tools to run such analysis and drive insights that would help fill the stadium and optimize revenues. Don’t assume. Investigate!