We at udobu LOVE sports. We're also nerds excited by data.

 Data is valuable. Not only on the sporting side, but also with your marketing, commercial and sales. 


We’re reaching the end of the the era of just collecting and organizing fan-related data, and facing the dawn of a new one – getting the data to work for us, revealing all those endless growth opportunities that it can now unlock. 


We are here to make sure you reach the full potential of what your data can give you.
We are the geeks, the nerds who just love technology, data, numbers and stats. We also happen to be very (very) enthusiastic about sports. This is why we decided to combine all these things we are so passionate about, and creatively solve some of the biggest pains in the industry. 


Already working with some of the biggest clubs in the world, we are thankful for this opportunity to build cutting edge technology applied to real world problems.


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